Asian American and Pacific Islander Timeline

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1914-09-24: Esther Eng is born in California on September 24, 1914, to parents who had immigrated from China. See: The History of Esther Eng

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1956-06-06: June Chan is born. She becomes an American lesbian activist and biologist. The organizer and co-founder of the Asian Lesbians of the East Coast (ALOEC), Chan raised awareness of LGBTQ+ issues relating to the Asian-American community.

1970-01-25: Esther Eng, filmmaker, restauranteur, gender rebel, passed away from cancer at the age of fifty-five at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City on January 25, 1970. See: The History of Esther Eng

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1980-00-00: The cover of a 1980 issue of the "Gay Insurgents" journal [No. 6] prompts a cross-country search to learn about the Asian Americans who took part in the first National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights. NBC NEWS “Searching for Queer Asian Pacific America,” Part 1 of 5, June 6, 2018. 

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1983-00-00: Chan, June, and Katherine Hall met in 1983 and began working on projects together. They created a slide show about Asian lesbians in history and literature which was shown in the 1980s. Their Asian lesbian history slide show was described as "grassroots scholarship" by librarian and archivist Polly Thistlethwaite (Thistlethwaite 1998, p. 3.) The slide show was described by its creators as giving lesbians "a larger context for ourselves as Asian and Pacific Islander peoples, as people of color in the United States, and as lesbians." (Henry 1995, pp. 32-33.)

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2016-00-00: The Society for Queer Asian Studies is established s an affiliate of the Association for Asian Studies.

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2018-06-13: Lee, Patrick G., "Searching for Queer Asian Pacific America," NBC News, Part 2 of 5, June. Episode 2: API TransFusion: The journey to the historic retreat The story behind API TransFusion, the first national gathering for Asian and Pacific Islander transmasculine people, opens up conversations with LGBTQ activists who have fought for liberation since the 1980s.

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2018-06-28: Lee, Patrick G., "Searching for Queer America," NBC News, Part 5 of 5, June 28, 2018. Episode 5: Tracing the evolution of Asian-Pacific Islander LGBTQ nightlife spaces. LGBTQ nightlife spaces can be key to building community. For Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, building those spaces with other communities of color can also help provide a sense of home. 

2020-00-00: Patrick G Lee, director. Unspoken. Documentary about Six LGBTQ Asian Americans Coming Out to Their Immigrant Parents. UNSPOKEN explores the challenges of talking with immigrant parents about queerness, gender identity, and sexuality. In the film, six queer and trans Asian Americans read coming out letters that they wrote to their parents – sharing what they would say if they didn’t face language, generational, and cultural barriers in communicating with their families of origin. The interviewees hail from across the Asian diaspora — with roots in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, China, and Korea. Available from Third World Newsreel.